Of The Informed Electorate*

Voting is great, seriously. I mean voting is huge, but do you consider your self informed or simply opinionated?

How do you not fall into the trap of all the echo chambers out there, all happily feeding you just what you want to hear?

One way is to be honest with yourself about the sources of information you count on and commit to keeping them diverse. Believe it or not, It's actually informative to hear what folks, you totally disagree with, have to say in their echo chambers. Crazy huh?

When you look at media outlets, there are 2 big scales sources need to get weighed. One is "political bias", we are used to this, but the other is equality important and not as clear cut. It is the overall "source reliability". Sites on the right or left can both run the gamut from presenting solid direct facts, all the way thru often valuable Analysis and down to the gutter with good old fabricated propaganda. 

So keep in mind, just because a source says stuff you totally hate, does not mean their aren’t telling the truth, and likewise, just because you love what other site is telling you, doesn’t mean they are not pandering liars.

One group works really hard to come out with an updated chart every year about bias in the media, it is so informative! So I’ll leave you with that. Enjoy, you are more informed already. 



*yeah I know, we don’t actually vote directly for president, hopefully that changes soon with  https://www.nationalpopularvote.com