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Interactive Media Bias Chart

Just because a source says stuff you totally hate, does not mean their aren't telling the truth, and likewise, just because you love what other site is telling you, doesn't mean they are not pandering liars. Become media savvy as we go into what is sure to be a election cycle full of alternative facts. Read more on a recent Blog post on the subject.

Only You Can Stop the Spread of Fake News!

No matter is it's Russian Bots or good old homegrown internet trolls, online social and professional media are infected with more nonsense and propaganda than you can ever imagine. So before you flip out on a meme or share a link you may or may not have even read, learn to spot the fakes, don't fall for the clickbait. Then do your part to keep this election cycle fact based and point out and shut down hoaxes and clickbait when you see it.
You can arm yourself with the best tools around to stop yourself from becoming a tool with this amazing multi page resource from Cornell University Library:
Fake News, Propaganda, and Misinformation: Learning to Critically Evaluate Media Sources

FiveThirtyEight / Politics

One of the more useful statistics and polling analysis sites ever. Nate Silver, the site's Editor in Chief, developed a forecasting system that successfully predicted the outcomes in 49 of the 50 states in the 2008 U.S. Presidential election and all 50 States in the 2012 Election. Their analysis of what polling date and trends really mean is consistently informative.